Display Cabinet

Display Cabinets and Cupboards

Our huge range of Display Cabinets give you plenty of options to highlight your living space and showcase your favourite objects. No matter your decorating style, we have a display cabinet that will best fit your styling requirements and beautify your home. The beauty of these cabinets is that they ... can be used to showcase virtually anything, meaning they are adaptable to your individual personality. You can be confident in the quality of our Display Cabinets. With superior construction and solid timber materials such as oak, mahogany, birch, poplar and acacia to guarantee longevity. You will have complete confidence with purchasing any of the Display Cabinets in our range.

Showcase your favourite items with a Display Cabinet

It is important to choose the ideal colour and finish of the cabinet, depending on the objects you select to place inside. You will want to include items in contrasting shades and textures. White cabinets tend to be more versatile. Not only do darker objects contrast nicely, but you can include items in various shades of white because there are so many gradients of the color - from pure white to cream - these variations also provide contrast. Whereas a dark or black cabinet will provide an amazing contrast for lighter items and may better suit your overall decorating requirements. Consider also finishes and surface textures, for example wicker, stoneware, glass, and wood. Mixing smooth shiny surfaces (glass or metal) with worn rustic textures (wood or pottery) adds depth and interest to your styling.

Custom colours and finishes for Display Cabinets

We love how Bramble Co produces Display Cabinets customisable by colour and finish. They also produce an amazing array of styles with new designs coming out every six months. These pieces are often eclectic, having a level of detail not normally seen in mass-produced furniture. Learn more about Bramble Co and choosing your own colours: Click here to learn more about colour choice.