Shop with Confidence

Shop with confidence

"Shop with Confidence" Guarantee:

At Maison Living, we pride ourselves on our friendly service and range of products.  Our repeat customer business is a testament to our growth in this challenging industry and we are constantly reviewing ourselves to see how we can best serve you with product range and quality, keen pricing and fulfilment of orders.

When you shop with Maison Living, you have our guarantee that we will be looking after your best interests with regard to:

  • The best possible service from our friendly staff.
  • The best possible price on products and delivery.
  • Confidence with quality of product.

When you purchase from us, we want to make sure your purchase arrives safe and on-time.  Therefore we have developed relationships with a number of trusted Professional Removalists and Couriers rated to handle fragile items.  When preparing your goods for delivery we perform our own QA (Quality Assurance) check and take the effort to repack the product with extra protection, should we feel that is necessary for the journey to you.  We do not add any additional charge, for doing this - it is just part of the Maison Living "Shop with Confidence" experience!