Barn Style Furniture and Homewares

Barn Style Furniture and Decor

Barn style combines the rustic charm of countryside aesthetics with the clean, linear design of shiplap for a truly distinctive look. Often featuring reclaimed or distressed timber, showcasing natural textures and a weathered finish that adds warmth and character to any space. Discover how you can curate your own solid timber Americana furniture pieces and customise them by colour and fabric. A unique process bought to you by Bramble Co.  Click here to learn more ...

The roller doors, mounted on exposed metal tracks, provide a smooth, sliding mechanism that enhances both the functionality and the visual appeal of the furniture. Shiplap cladding, known for its horizontal grooves and tight seams, brings a touch of coastal or farmhouse charm, creating a seamless blend of rustic and refined elements. The hardware, typically made of robust iron or steel, complements the wood and shiplap, reinforcing the sturdy construction while adding an industrial edge. This fusion of design elements results in furniture that is not only practical and space-saving but also rich in texture and style, perfect for creating cozy, inviting interiors with a hint of modern rustic elegance.