Styling - what do the experts say?

2nd Sep 2020

Styling - what do the experts say?

People often come into Maison Living to meet up with our resident interior designer to discuss styling their homes. Many of the questions that arise have a common thread to them...colours, colour matching, what pieces to include... so we have asked our interior designer to share with us her advise for styling homes depending on what look people may be going for.

"What general advise would you give to people wanting to style their home with a 'classic look'?"

"Classic styling in homes, incorporates warmer tones of softer natural whites and creams, combining natural linens with antique oak and teak brown wood surfaces. Black and mirrored surfaces are used as contrasts, as well as textured and patterned fabrics. Think of muted rugs on wooden floors with comfortable Chesterfield linen or leather sofas and French classic armchairs in plain or striped linen fabrics. Tall bookcases with ladders, filled with books and ornaments. Beautiful antique gold rimmed coffee tables with large mirrors on walls."

"Are there any big 'no-no's?"

"Yes! Do not have everything the same. It looks too boring for example you wouldn't go for cream walls, furniture, curtains and carpet. Also, don't get too caught up on matching eras perfectly. The French always mix and match from different eras. Don't use bright paint colours on large walls or large pieces of furniture as you will tire of looking at it relatively quickly. Use stronger colour as accent pieces only, for example, cushions or accessories. These are easy enough to change whenever you are ready for something new.No fluoro as it would just be garish. There are no real definite no's to styling, but try to use similar tones to say wood pieces of furniture. Furniture should compliment other pieces."

"What about those who have a period home? Any advise for them?"

"If your home is of period style and you are going for a classical look, don't add super modern pieces of furniture or artwork as it can look out of place."

"Trending at the moment is the 'Hampton's look', what would you say to someone looking to style their home in this way?"

"There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Hampton's. It's all about correct measurements and sizing of pieces. Hampton's items can be white, blue, natural or weathered wood pieces and also greys. Textured pieces and contrasting colours can be added with cushions. For a more glam look, add metallic finishes in lamps and lights or bookends. Shells and other organic seaside items and plants add to the look as well."

"And what would you suggest for someone who just wants to create a home that is peaceful and serene, a haven to relax in at the end of a hectic day at work?"

"A 'Farmhouse' vibe works really well for that homely feel. Think over-sized couches stacked with vintage pillows, think earthy tones, warm organic textures, charming rustic features such as iron chandeliers."

While we all have our own preferences when it comes to styling our homes, if you stick to these basic principles you won't go wrong not matter what your end picture looks like!

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