How to select the perfect Dining Table

29th Oct 2017

How to select the perfect Dining Table

The search for a new Dining Table can often be a daunting task. With the many styles and sizes on offer, how do you choose the table best suited for your needs?

People often come into Maison Living looking for a new dining table but are hampered by the choice. To ease the process, we have put together a checklist plus a few tips that will assist when you come into the store to purchase one of our gorgeous dining tables.

Pre-purchase Checklist:

  1. Measure your room or area. How much space do you have? This will dictate the size of table most appropriate for your house. REMEMBER - you need 50cm from the table to allow a chair to be comfortably pulled out and person seated. If you want to be able to walk behind a person seated at the table you will need to allow a space of 100cm from the table.
  2. If your space is limited in length or can't fit as long a table as you like, you may like to consider a Round Dining Table which can maximise the seating in a smaller space.
  3. How many people is it important for you to accommodate at the one time?
  4. Do you have a preference for fixed size or require the ability to extend the table for special occasions?
  5. What is the colour scheme in the chosen room where the table will be placed? What colour are the floors? Decide whether the colour should match existing furniture or make a contrast in the room. Either way, it will need to compliment the space one way or the other.

Come into Richmond and take a seat at one of our many tables on display. Armed with your answers to the above questions, talk to our friendly staff who will walk you through the tables we have and the colour choices available.


  1. Maximum seating capacity is usually achieved when legs are in the centre (such as a Trestle style), or when the legs are in the corner of the table.
  2. Look for extension tables where the legs move out when the table is extended - that way you will retain maximum seating capacity
  3. Ideally, extension table leaves should be incorporated within the mechanism of the table, so that they do not need to be stored separately.