Artwork - Defining a blank canvas.

12th Apr 2018

Artwork - Defining a blank canvas.

When you look at your wall what do you see? Possibly a "Blank Canvas"? A space for family photos or mementos from adventurous travels - photos, portraits or paintings to remind you of special places in time.

Or maybe you prefer to display pieces of art reflective of the room, mood, ambience, styling and decor. Uttermost set a high standard when it comes to hand painted artwork. Take for example the subtlety of the 'Snowfall' Snowfall or the gold tones of 'Dazzling', or maybe you prefer the elegance of 'Proud Papa'

For that "statement space" in your home perhaps a more detailed approach with multiple framed artwork sets, anywhere from a simple pair to a collection of eye-catching frame sets with as many as 12 , 15 or 18 pieces.

But have you ever stopped to consider that the furniture in the room itself is also a "Blank Canvas"? We all have those larger pieces within the room that are most often one single solid colour, just yearning for some definition. Maybe a it's a buffet or a console, a filing cabinet or a large TV unit - why not define one of these as a focal point? Maison Living offers customers the unique opportunity to customise furniture pieces from 'Bramble Co', by selecting from a large range of different artwork designs. Each piece is individually painted by hand by an artist onsite as the furniture piece is manufactured. The art can be as simple as 'a single fish' or intricate and complex featuring 'birds and flowers' full of detail from the feathers to the leaves and petals.

Please visit our 'website' and explore the options, we are sure that there will be a piece of artwork that will catch your eye, capture your imagination and inspire you to define and fill your "Blank Canvas".