Shipping Information

Melbourne Metro/Outer

We can provide a low-cost one or two man delivery service to the Melbourne metropolitan and nearby outer areas. Assembly and removal of packaging can also be included. There may be an additional charge for assembly, depending on the product.

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Interstate Delivery

For smaller pieces, “Courier” may be a low-cost option. This is a one-man door-to-door service to ground floor only. Assistance may be required depending on the product or delivery site. The packaging will be left on-site.

For larger pieces, an experienced contractor or removalist team will deliver your item to your designated delivery address and in most circumstances, place the item where directed (ground-level only). The packaging will be left on-site.

*Unfortunately, our courier and interstate services are unable to take away any packaging material. However most packaging such as the cardboard and bubble-wrap is recyclable, and can be freely disposed of in your recycle bin or at local collection centres.

We currently have a promotion on the delivery of Bella House products - click here for more information.

Points to Consider

If you need your existing furniture moved, this is not included in the cost, nor can we cover it for insurance purposes. You must negotiate the extra activity with the carrier. Any activity beyond the supply of our product will be at your own cost and risk.

If you live in an apartment, please make a booking with the management for use of the service lift at the specified delivery time.

Delivery and Access

Prior to placing your order, it is important that you consider where the items will be placed, and any potential delivery obstacles. It is important that your furniture is able to be delivered through all entryways, elevators and up or down any stairways. Measure the height and width of your entryways, including staircases, hallways, elevator doors and interiors. Make note of any fixtures, decorative moldings and interior walls, ceiling heights, stairwells, and banisters that may be obstacles once items are inside. Consider the furniture to be delivered and determine if it can go straight through entryways or if it will have to go in at an angle or on end.

Room Measurement

Before purchasing products, be sure to consider windows, cupboards, heating or A/C vents, and electrical outlets in the room. Be sure to include all items that may impact the space in your room, not only existing furniture, but also other pieces you plan to purchase. For dining rooms, allow for movement around the dining chairs once family and guests are seated.

Measure your Electronics and Components

Measure your television and other components that you would like to place inside of your furniture. You should measure your television, or the television you intend to purchase, before you purchase the furniture you plan to house it in or on and have the outside dimensions available in width, depth, and height. This is very important as the advertised size for a television only encompasses the screen, not the overall size.