Dining Table

Our extensive range of Dining Tables will surely have your meals and entertaining needs covered. No matter your space or styling preference, we can help you find a solution to suit your requirements and beautify your home. Understanding how you will use your dining table is one of the first steps to choosing the right dining table for your home. Consider how ... you will use your dining table in your daily life. Will you benefit from an extendable table for entertaining with family and friends? Will the table be used for childrens school or home projects and need dome protection? Or do you need something more versatile for indoor-outdoor living? Besides your prefered style, you will need to consider sizing, construction and surfaces. Consider also the space it is going into, that the table does not unnecessarily obstruct thoroughfare.

Tips on picking the right size Dining Table

When measuring your space for a table, consider the room needed to pull out the chairs out and allow diners to pass behind. A minimum clearance of 90 centimetres is recommended between your table and the walls or other furniture if possible. For a chair to be functional, a minimum of 50-60cm is required, although it won't allow anyone to pass. When considering table length, allow a minimum of 60 centimetres of seating width for each guest (this includes a small gap of 10cm). For example, a 240cm table will comfortably accomodate 4 diners on each side.

What shape Dining Table should you choose

Rectangle dining tables tend to be the most popular simply because they commonly fit most spaces and allow thoroughfare past the table. With a variety of sizes available, rectangle tables are a popular choice for large-scale entertaining. If space is limited, some versions coming with extendable leaves for temporary extension on special occasions.
Square dining tables work best in square rooms and spaces, so long as thoroughfare is not impeded. Unlike large rectangular tables, square dining tables offer a more intimate dining experience as diners sit at a close and conversational distance to one another. Square tables are ideal for card and board games!
Round dining tables suit small spaces and maximise the seating area. A round dining table benefits from no corners, which seamlessly brings diners closer together. As a result, everyone can see one another and converse easily. The result is a casual and intimate dining setting.

Custom colours and finishes for Dining Tables

We love how Bramble Co produces Dining Tables customisable by colour and finish. They also produce an amazing array of styles with new designs coming out every six months, specializing in French Provincial, Hamptons and Mid-Century Modern. These tables are made from solid mahogany timber. They are strong, sturdy, having a level of detail not normally seen in mass-produced furniture. Learn more about Bramble Co and choosing your own colours: Click here to learn more about colour choice.