Assembly: Furniture

Assembly of Furniture:

Assembly of furniture is an added service that is NOT included in the Delivery/Shipping Charge calculated on the website. Please contact our friendly Customer Support team for more information. The charge for assembly will be dictated by the type of goods and where they are being delivered to. Depending on the destination, there may be an optional charge for Rubbish to be removed.

Contact us for more information.

Tools Required:

The tables below are indicative only, of the tools required for assembly. Each product may have its own requirements depending on the construction. Any tools provided are very basic and may easily wear out or be cumbersome to use. We recommend using quality hand tools sourced by the person assembling the product.

Bramble Co and Steven Shell Products
Wing Nut (hand tighten) Socket Set Driver for Screws Allen Key
Trestle, X-Base and Round Tables X
Other Tables X
Cabinets and Bookcases X
Beds X X

NB: Tools are NOT provided for assembly of Bramble or Steven Shell products.

Other Brands
Wing Nut (hand tighten) Socket Set Driver for Screws Allen Key
Tables X X
Cabinets and Bookcases X X
Beds X X

NB: Basic hand tools are usually provided for other brands, but quality/cordless handyman tools are recommended