The home office - a working retreat and space for inspiration

28th May 2018

The home office - a working retreat and space for inspiration

Who said the home office should be dull and boring?

Traditionally, in many houses around Australia, the home "office" was a place where "the basics" could be found - a desk, desk chair, book shelf & metal filing cabinet... not to mention all the other 'junk' from around the home that didn't really have a place and were not necessarily items that one would want on display.

Not any more! With the explosion of the internet and people having the ability to "work from home", the humble home office has become a new 'hub'. It is the new "work away from work, office away from The Office". Given it's new level of significance to so many people, it is important to create a space that is organised, coordinated, functional and promotes a positive work environment.

At Maison Living we have your style covered. From the more traditional, or old world look to an industrial feel, our selection of pieces will have your office complete.



Start with a Roosevelt computer desk teamed with a Roosevelt single bookcase and along the main wall a Roosevelt estate bookcase to finish off the room.


For that more classic look, a definite inclusion would have to be the Westminster desk together with the stunning Harrington Library bookcase (if you have limited space then we would recommend considering the Harrington 2 bay bookcase instead).



If you are more inclined towards a modern architectural look, the Printmakers range is for you. With a desk, complementary side board for storage, simple bookcase and gorgeous office chair as an salute to the 'old world', this look is complete in itself.


Perhaps the 'Artisan' look is just right for you. With many different pieces perfectly matched in this range, the hardest decision is going to be how to make the room bigger to fit it all in!



With the ever growing popularity of warehouse conversions, the industrial look office is one that must be explored when it comes to considering an 'open office' in an open area.

As you can see, at Maison Living we do understand that there are many different ways to achieve the perfect home office. Please feel free to come and visit us in store or call us on (03) 9429 8526 to discuss how we can help you enjoy working from home in a gorgeous office space.