Custom Colours - New and better organised!

21st Jul 2017

Custom Colours - New and better organised!

The latest custom Colours and Finishes from Bramble Co for 2017 have now been uploaded to our website. We are sure you will find the new categorisation easier to find your way through the huge collection.

Access the new categorisation via the "Customised Furniture/Custom Options" link on the top menu bar, or the "Custom Finishes" in the Shop categories.

You will notice that it is now possible to FILTER by your main colour theme, such as Blue in the example image. On the left-hand side are your filter options. The filters are relatively broad and will pick up colours that may exhibit a slight hue, such as blue-grey in this example. Now you can easily customise your favourite piece of furniture!

Many colours and finishes have NOTES associated with them, that may help with your colour choice. To view these notes, make sure you click on the colour/finish.

Click here to view the latest colours and finishes.