Alpaca Throw - Classic Plaid Milk Coffee

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200 x 140cm

Alpaca Throw - Classic Plaid Milk Coffee:

Oozing with luxury, these boutique throws are manufactured from treasured alpaca fibre sourced in the Peruvian highlands, designed and interpreted it the Nordic way.

The Benefits of Alpaca Wool:

Those who can’t tolerate more traditional wools might find alpaca is a better alternative. First of all, alpaca wool doesn’t contain the lanolin that is natural to sheeps; the lack of lanolin is the reason alpaca fleece is considered hypoallergenic.

However, there is another reason why you may find alpaca wool more comfortable to touch: it’s much softer. By nature, alpaca has fewer scales, the fleece is naturally smoother and the fibers are shorter, all of which can contribute to your comfort levels when used.

Moreover, alpaca wool has many other benefits beyond the fact that it’s considered hypoallergenic. First, it’s considerably warmer than sheep’s wool. It also resists the wet and keeps moisture away from the skin. Finally, despite its fine structure, alpaca is strong and durable, which makes the fibre a great investment.


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